Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trip to Rwanda!

As most of the people reading this would know, Bob and I met in Rwanda. We were both living there, working in separate organizations and doing very different things, but both with the purpose of showing God's love to the people around us and letting them teach us about life and about God. Both of us built significant relationships with people in Rwanda, and are grateful for all they taught us about faith, culture, and community.

Before we even got engaged, we talked about when we might be able to visit Rwanda together. We are planning to go this December for a few weeks while Bob is on Christmas break from school. We are really excited about the chance to visit the Rwandans that we knew and the ministries that we were involved in, and celebrate our marriage with them.

If you would like to contribute towards this trip in lieu of a wedding gift, you are welcome to do so! We appreciate your support, and would appreciate your prayers as well, that God would use us to be an encouragement to many of our friends and colleagues while we are there.

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