Saturday, May 17, 2008


I love arboretums. My lunch-breaks at the arboretum in Chicago helped keep me sane during stressful periods. I love the variety of the trees and plants--seeing the uniqueness of each species with amazing features that I never could have dreamed up. The LA arboretum is just about 10 minutes away (without traffic), and I always find it refreshing to go there. Here are a few pictures of some of the 'unique' trees I found on my last trip--many with unique names, as well.
A Smoke Tree, from S. Asia and Europe

A Flax-leaf Paperbark tree, from Australia
An Indian Horse Chestnut Tree, from the Himalayas
A close-up of the flowers of the Indian Horse-Chestnut
A shrimp plant. Creative, eh?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catalina Island!

I'm a week late posting these pictures--very sorry. Last weekend we had a much-needed getaway to the famous Catalina Island. It was a wonderful place for resting and getting a change of scenery,m and we are grateful to the person who advised us several months ago to take such a weekend away, and also supported us with the funds to do so.

We didn't take too many pictures, but it was a beautiful place, so I have to post a few.
Our primary activity Saturday - sitting on the beachAn excellent seafood restaurant--right on the harbor
Narrow streets, narrow houses...and do you see the golf carts??
And, we got a little goofy while we were window shopping. Good look, right?