Monday, October 5, 2015

Season of Giving

If your church is doing an alternative gift fair this year and you are looking for a few additional items, we want to give you a few ideas. Or, maybe you want to make a meaningful end-of-year contribution. Or hey, if you would like or if you would like to give us a Christmas gift, these ideas would work too! Here are a few ideas close to our hearts:Open Bible cropped

1. Subsidy for 10 Tshiluba Bibles: $70



women with songbook

2. Subsidy for 10 hymnbooks in Tshiluba: $30



3. Kit for 1 savings group (including metal ‘safe’, member passbooks, locks, stamp-pad, and all that is needed for a new savings group to start: $65




Kalambayi teaching cropped4. One day of a seminar for laity (on reconciliation, leadership, evangelism, or a mix of topics conducted by our department.): $400



5. One theology textbook for a Giving theology book to Muena Ditupastoral institute (this actually is only the cost of shipping the textbook, since the books are donated by another organization).: $30



6. Feeding one child for a month in the Ditekemena program: $40Ditekemena eating bidia cropped




The challenge in this is that giving for a specific purpose requires a specific account number. Giving instructions are described in more detail on our ‘projects’ page, or you can contact us to confirm the account numbers. If you would like to make an end-of-year contribution for ministry purposes wherever most needed, you can do so to ECO 318702, the account for the Department of Evangelism of the CPC.