Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wedding pictures!

It has been an exciting month! At long last, we are getting around to posting a few pictures for those who could not be there. God surrounded us with great people who helped the wedding weekend to really be enjoyable for us and everyone involved.

Before I go on, we are grateful to Jeff Jensen Photography, who took most of the photos you will see here.

We were married in Normal, Illinois (Kristi’s hometown and home-church). Here are a few pictures from the ceremony at the church:

I must explain the one above--we asked a few people we know who have had an influence on us spiritually and also are spiritual leaders in their own churches to pray for us during the ceremony. This is very common in Rwandan weddings, so we were inspired by our friends there to include it in our ceremony.

Then, we had your traditional eating, cake-cutting, and toasting at the reception. A grand time was had by all, I think! We really felt blessed to be able to celebrate with so many of the people we love, and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

There was a family from Rwanda that Kristi had gotten close to while she was in Rwanda who now lives in the US and was able to attend the wedding. They sang for us and led everyone in some Rwandan dancing. We were so grateful that they were able to be there!

So--it really happened! And now you have the photos to prove it. :) I think that is enough photos for now. Sorry for the delay in getting these up! A lot more has happened, and we’ll post some soon from the honeymoon and California reception!