Thursday, April 14, 2016

Savoring Spring

Yes! We are emerging from hibernation, refreshed and preparing for our travels later this year to supporting churches and individuals around the U.S. If you would like us to come your way, please let us know!

IMG_0125For the first time in several years, we experienced the barren, beautiful, cold of winter in the Midwest. It was kind of a shock to the system for our bodies that have gotten used to Congo’s temperate climate. We anticipated the start of spring and delighted in the early signs – flowers pushing up through the cold ground, buds on the trees, and the grass turning bright green. We appreciate the bright colors, and the new life of spring is so much more after enduring the cold dark winter. Yes, I know this winter was relatively mild, so we didn’t have it too hard!


Kristi with Magnolia tree st. Louis




Now that we are “re-engaged”, we look forward to updating you here more frequently about life, ongoing ministry in Kasai, and other events. We also have a newsletter coming out soon that should catch you up from our long silence. Stay tuned!