Friday, November 30, 2007


I spent two weeks in Burundi in October (last month), working with Turame, World Relief's local microfinance organization. I wanted to post a few pictures from that trip, even though I am very late in doing so!

This (above) is Turame's new office. The organization has nearly doubled in number of employees and clients since I left a year ago--exciting progress for this young organization!
And here is the team--or most of them! Fantastic Burundians with a heart to help the poor and show God's love.
Sara Mathews and I visited a rural church in Burundi the first week I was there. In the picture above we are eating lunch with some of the pastors after the service. I love rural churches--the energy and sincerity of the people shines brighter in the midst of the mud brick walls and lack of instruments or sound system. Here are some of the members of the church standing in the area where they are building a new church building. One man is holding the hand-made guitar he uses to lead worship. They are praying for a second guitar, and the funds to finish the roof on the church.
No pictures of me here, so I guess I can't really prove that I was there. But I was! :) Bob and I leave next week on our visit to Rwanda, and we are also planning to go to Burundi for a few days. It will be nice to be there together this time, rather than by myself!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to normal life!

I haven't posted anything since the wedding...nothing about life now seems noteworthy compared to that! We have been busy settling in and adjusting, and enjoying finding a routine for daily life. Unpacking and settling in to the apartment has been a longer process than either of us anticipated, and has precipitated many helpful relationship-building experiences and discussions! We are now enjoying the fruit of our hard work, and even hosted our first small party here last weekend! Here are a few pictures of the apartment now, and the process.
Bob has thoroughly enjoyed using
the new power drill we have.

Now that we are finally getting comfortable, we are leaving in 10 days for our big trip to Rwanda! So, normal life, whatever that is, gets tweaked a bit. :)