Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to normal life!

I haven't posted anything since the wedding...nothing about life now seems noteworthy compared to that! We have been busy settling in and adjusting, and enjoying finding a routine for daily life. Unpacking and settling in to the apartment has been a longer process than either of us anticipated, and has precipitated many helpful relationship-building experiences and discussions! We are now enjoying the fruit of our hard work, and even hosted our first small party here last weekend! Here are a few pictures of the apartment now, and the process.
Bob has thoroughly enjoyed using
the new power drill we have.

Now that we are finally getting comfortable, we are leaving in 10 days for our big trip to Rwanda! So, normal life, whatever that is, gets tweaked a bit. :)


william said...

Hi Bob and Kristi,

I loved the pictures of your beautiful apt. I just
now discovered that you have added to your blog.
Have a wonderful trip to Rwanda- I'll be praying
for you. God Bless you,
Aunt Linda

Cara said...

Your apartment looks great--I can see your desktop now! :) I hope you have a safe trip to Rwanda and a wonderful time with all of your friends. I'll miss you at Christmas though!