Top Ten Project Priorities

Here is a description of the "top ten" current priorities for the Evangelism Department of the CPC. We welcome your prayers and financial support to make these dreams a reality!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information about a specific project or activity. We also have PDF documents for some of these projects that give a summary, pictures, and more details – please contact us if you would like us to send you one of those. Whenever you give, please contact us to let us know what has been given so that we can ensure it gets put in the correct account. You can contact us at:

1. Our Missionary Support

We are able to live and serve with the church in Congo because of the support of churches and individuals in the U.S. We are grateful to be your mission co-workers, and grateful for the support we have received! Would you consider partnering with us? You can support us online through Presbyterian World Mission. If you are a church, contact us for church instructions.

2. Evangelism Department

The Evangelism Department of the CPC empowers members in direct evangelism, church growth, and discipleship. Funding supports conducting seminars, traveling to rural regions for pastoral visits, producing Christian literature, supporting pastoral institutes and other ongoing activities. Contributions given without a designation for a specific project give the Evangelism Department flexibility to use the funds where most needed

Contributions can be made through the Evangelism Department, and do NOT specify a project in the comments.

3. Christian Education

The Christian Education Department of the CPC encourages discipleship among children, youth, and adults. Funding supports conducting seminars (on children's ministry, youth issues, stewardship, discipleship, etc.), traveling to rural regions, facilitating youth ministry, and other ongoing activities. Contributions given without a designation for a specific project give the Christian Education Department flexibility to use the funds where most needed.

Contributions can be made through the Christian Education Department, and do NOT specify a project in the comments

4.  Laity seminars (training in evangelism, reconciliation, leadership, etc.)

Conducting seminars and trainings is one of the principal activities of the Departments of Evangelism and Christian Education, for the purpose of empowering church leaders and deepening the faith of members. Seminars are conducted on a variety of topics depending on the expressed or determined need. Some of the topics have included: studying the Bible, the role of laity in evangelism, the role of Christian Education in the church, prayer, leading music in the church, the role of community development in the church, leadership, planning, and other topics. These seminars are a valuable and rare source of training for rural church members especially. Funds support travel for trainers to rural regions and meals for participants.

Annual Funds needed $10,000                                 

Contributions can be made through the Evangelism Department, and specify "Seminars" in the comments.

5. Bibles and Christian Literature

One of the biggest needs expressed by members of the Presbyterian Church in Congo is for Bibles and songbooks. A Bible in Tshiluba (the local language in Kasai) costs about $12, which is beyond the purchase capacity of most Congolese. We are raising money to subsidize the Bibles, so that people could purchase one for about $5. So, each Bible gets subsidized approximately $7. A contribution of just $70 covers the subsidy for ten Bibles.

Christians all over Kasai have expressed their joy and thanks for the help in purchasing Bibles and songbooks. We wrote an update that describes some of the people buying Bibles, as well as a blog post in April 2015 that explains why we sell Bibles this way. The demand for Bibles is huge, and we consider this one of the top priorities of the Department of Evangelism. Your support is greatly appreciated! When we travel to rural areas, whenever possible we take a box of Bibles with us to sell. Many rural pastors do not even have their own Bible, which indicates how dire this need is!

Another priority is producing and distributing literature that can empower leaders in the church. These books include: songbooks, the Book of Order, concordance in Tshiluba, Sunday School teaching materials, and instructional booklets for various ministries in the church, such as women, youth, laity, and Christian Education. Your gifts will help us to produce and distribute this material.

Total Annual Target: $10,000                              Remaining Need in 2016: $8,000

Contributions can be made through the Evangelism Department, and specify "Bibles and Christian Literature" in the comments.

8. Support for Street Kids

The Ditekemena program has rescued 23 children from life on the streets. They are being cared for as a group at a center in Kananga, with the goal of reinserting them into their families of origin or foster families. Local churches are being trained and empowered to give emotional, spiritual, and food support to these families who welcome the children. Our May 2014 newsletter introduced this program, and a few blogs have given updates on the children. In 2014/2015 most of the children are being educated in a “catch-up school” to help them catch up for missed years of school. The next step is reintegrating the children back into families – either their families of origin or foster families.

This program was started with a generous grant from Presbyterian Women. Additional funding is needed for unforeseen expenses such as the teachers for the catch-up school, medical care for the children, and food for their prolonged stay at the center.

Total Funds Needed 2015/2016: $28,000                     Remaining Need: $15,000

Contributions can be made through the CPC general account, and specify "Ditekemena" in the comments.

7. Savings groups

Kristi has been working with a small team of leaders in the Department of Community Development in this new project of training savings and credit groups in rural areas around Kananga. These groups empower women to save money together and with their own collective capital to give loans to each other, thus providing an economical source of credit to meet business and household needs, and also a profitable vehicle for saving. This methodology has been successful in empowering women socially and economically in many countries throughout Africa, but has not yet been started in Kasai. We received a grant from Presbyterian Women (USA) to start this project in 2015. A newsletter that shows the early progress can be found here. Additional funds are needed to start these groups in East Kasai.

Annual budget: $12,000                

Contributions can be made through the CommunityDevelopment Department, and specify "Savings Groups" in the comments.

5. Pastoral Institutes

There are three rural pastoral institutes in Kasai: Mutoto, Bulape, and Muena Ditu. These provide theological training in a three year program to prepare prospective pastors to serve in rural areas. Funds are needed for theology textbooks, renovating buildings, scholarships, supervision, and starting a vocational training program. The institute at Mutoto has begun a pilot vocational skills training program, teaching sewing, carpentry, and animal husbandry (described in a March 2014 blog post and August newsletter). This program is expected to be expanded to the other two institutes in the next year or two. A overview of the pastoral institutes was also described in our August 2012 newsletter.

Total Annual target: $6000                                  

Contributions can be made through the EvangelismDepartment, and specify "Pastoral schools" in the comments.

6.   Construction Support for new church buildings (roofs)

Having a church building of durable materials allows the congregation to worship regardless of the weather and facilitates meetings throughout the week. We seek to encourage and empower CPC churches to support the building of their own churches, however slow the process may be. However, the level of poverty in Kasai makes it nearly impossible for churches to afford the more expensive aspects of construction, like roof sheets or cement. The evangelism department has started a program of giving assistance for construction to churches that have already demonstrated an ability and will to make a significant contribution to their church building themselves. The average amount given per church is $1500.

Total annual target: $10,000                                     

Contributions can be made through the Evangelism Department, and specify "church buildings" in the comments.

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