Tuesday, July 10, 2007

God is faithful!

Last week's project was invitations. Fortunately, we determined a week ahead of time that we would invite a few friends over to help us stuff and address them--which meant that we had a deadline! We stayed busy much of the week buying supplies, printing out invitations, photo-copying and cutting at Kinkos, and gathering addresses. Here is Bob deftly using the paper cutter at Kinko's, around 10pm Thursday night:
Despite the late nights, we saw God's provision in the process. Let me count a few of the ways:
1. Kinkos copied a big stack of stuff for us for free.
2. We were able to copy the response cards there, even though they initially doubted it would work with the paper we had.
3. The next morning, while I was doing piece by piece with the paper cutter at Fuller, an employee that knows Bob came an offered to do the whole stack for me on his industrial paper cutter--for free!
4. Four friends were willing to come help us stuff and address, and they stayed and worked even beyond the time we anticipated it would take, so that we got it all done!

Praise the Lord!

In the midst of that busy week, God also provided an apartment for us to live in. Another good story, so if you're interested I'll try to recount it briefly here:

In May, Bob applied for a transfer in Fuller housing to a new apartment (since his roommate will be staying in their current apartment). When he applied, he was 10th on the list. He checked back last week to see what the status was, and he was 19th on the list! He found out that they give priority to new students to try to ensure that everyone has at least some housing, which is why he moved down on the list. Bob called a supervisor in the housing department and explained that he was getting married, so had to get a new apartment. The woman was understanding, and said that there was 1 apartment available that was being considered by some other people. If they turned it down, she would offer it to us. It ended up being taken, but she said another had become available in the complex Bob currently lives in. Bob determined that it was where some friends of ours currently live, so we've both been inside the apartment and felt good about taking it. This means that Bob will have a very short distance to move, and that we will have a few days to move both of our belongings before I leave for IL. God is good!

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Jim said...

See His provision in the little things is vital! keep it up!