Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Great Northwest

This month we got to go to Seattle and Portland to visit some friends. The first was Brent Louie and his family in Seattle, a good friend and former house-mate of Bob's. His kids especially enjoyed getting swung around, carried on the shoulders, chased, or scared by Bob. We got to spend the day at the zoo with their family, and got treated to some of Brent's famous delicious dinners. Here is their family:

Then, thanks to the use of Brent's car, we went down to Portland to celebrate the baptism of Timothy, son of Todd and Michelle Olson, also long-time friends of Bob's. There were lots of family and friends there to celebrate this significant event, and we thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with all the great people.
We went to the Oregon Coast on Monday with Todd, and saw the infamous Haystack Rock--3rd largest Monolith in the world! We waded in the water, found some crabs, got sandy, and soaked in the Oregon beauty of the ocean, the forests, and all the green.
Now...back to the grindstone in Pasadena. :)


Jim said...

"Grindstone" might be a bit strong for living in Pasadena! Sent from Illinois!

sarahmarie said...

So fun that you were up in my old stomping grounds! I do have a cd of my sermon if you want to hear it--i'm not sure it is that good but it was fun to outline and research :) I'd be happy to share whenever :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for mentioned your tip up to the Northwest in your Blog. It was great to have both of you up here for the visit. You are in our prayers as you count down your final month before the wedding.