Saturday, September 27, 2008

our event-ful week

If I can start the week with last Friday, I wanted to post a few pictures from our community baseball game event. We thought it would be a fun outing for our apartment complex to go to a Dodgers game, so we found a date when we could get super-cheap tickets on one of their group nights. There were at least 6 people who attended their first-ever baseball game that night (one Chinese family and one Kenyan)!
Grete and Krissy, a few of our neighbors
Our view - we get to watch the fans AND the game! :)
The view of downtown is excellent from the Top Deck parking lot - one of the rewards of climbing all those steps!!

Then, we had a going-away party for a good friend at Fuller, Lara. We played games and barbequed at a park, and got to catch up with several people we don't get to see very often--all in the process of saying goodbye to Lara. She will definitely be missed!

Then, Wednesday I (Kristi) took the opportunity to attend a taping of Dancing with the Stars in Hollywood with my friend Lisa! It was somewhat of a surreal experience to me--getting dressed up, standing in line for a few hours, going through security, and being told when to clap, scream, stand, and sit! :) It was amazing to watch the whole production aspect, especially since we had heard recently from Bob's friend Mark about some of the complexities of operating their high-tech cameras. Definitely a fun experience, but I was surprised at how tired I was afterward!

I think that caps off the most noteworthy events of this past week. Now we gear up for tomorrow - Christ Church's annual picnic and Bob preaching at a retirement center in the afternoon. Should be fun! :)

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Lisa said...

Thanks for coming with me! Now we'll have to scheme up our next adventure!

See you after Chicago! I think this is the first time I've been in Chicagoland for any reason since high school and I won't be seeing you or with you at all. Doesn't seem right.

Then again, I much prefer having you up the freeway...and I much prefer us getting to do thing where we're wishing for a few clouds to shelter us from the heat instead of endless months (ok maybe it was usually just weeks!) of praying for sun!

Wish you could join us at our Chili's/St. Jude dinner tonight...we'd love to have you...Gma, Gpa, John/Stacy/TJ, and Rayni I think.

See you once I'm back!

Love you!