Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wedding in New Orleans

Bob and I went to New Orleans this weekend to attend our friends' wedding. It was the first time for both of us to New Orleans, and we thoroughly enjoyed the brief peak at this famous city. Willard is from Kenya and Tara is from New Orleans, and they did a great job of incorporating both cultures in their wedding. It was an event-filled weekend where we got to know many of the relatives and friends who attended--a really fun mix of people!

Here are some pictures...

Will and Tara at the rehearsal dinner

Bob and Kristi with Mr. Nyasio, Willard's father

African mamas dancing at the reception

Our crowd on Bourbon street
The above picture is terrible, but I wanted to try to capture the experience. The night of the wedding, Willard and Tara escorted 30-40 of their friends and relatives through the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans. We did a progressive dinner at 3 different restaurants, and got to see the sights in between. A very fun experience, and I was very impressed at the energy and graciousness of the bride and groom to do that!

Both Bob and I got to participate in unique ways... The morning after the wedding (Easter morning), we had breakfast with family and friends and Bob shared a short message. I (Kristi) thought that I would be playing the piano at that family gathering, but found out the day before the wedding that actually, I was playing in the wedding! So, that was a first for me. : ) This was the first wedding we've attended in the US together since our wedding, so it was a fun chance to remember our own vows and to attend a wedding without the stress of planning it!

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のりぽこ said...

Hi this is Noriko.
I fount out your blog from your google account.
This is a beautiful wedding!
I really like it!!
I am looking forward to reading your next diary!