Tuesday, March 11, 2008

6 months!

Last Saturday Bob and I marked 6 months since we got married. Time flies! We reflected that it feels like we have come a long way in getting into a daily routine together, understanding each other, and adjusting to 'doing life' together. Although it certainly has been an adjustment and a learning experience (which will probably continue for years to come...), thus far it has been easier than either of us expected. We're grateful for how God had helped us in this journey, and very happy that God brought us together!

While Bob was writing a paper Saturday afternoon, I seized the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains with a friend. Los Angeles is NOT all Hollywood, and one of my favorite things about Pasadena is how close the mountains are. Our hike zig-zagged up the mountain until we really had a birds-eye view of the streets and cities in the valley. The area is called Bailey's Canyon--if anyone is in CA and wants directions, let me know!
Resting at the top with my hiking partner, Birgit
Working our way up the mountain!

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Resilient Hawk said...

Six month will beget six years before you know it.

Today is our 1,318th day.