Monday, January 21, 2008

Transformers: "more than meets the eye"

We watched the Transformers movie last night. Bob started watching it on the plane on the way back from Rwanda when he couldn't sleep, but it cut out about 2/3 of the way through the movie. He wanted to see the end, so tried TWICE more to watch the end of the movie by turning it on when it was part-way through (we were on that plane for 17 hours, so there was time for the movie to loop a few times). Each time the movie cut out before the end.

We rented it this week just to see the end. Afterward, Bob commented that there were some great examples of cross-cultural issues in the movie. The humans and the autobots at first fear, mis-trust, and want to kill the other species. But near the end Optimus Prime says that he is willing to give up his life so that human life can continue, because he has seen some good in them. At the end, Sam, the human hero, risks his life in order to save the autobots (even to the point of being pushed off a building by Megatron!). In the last scene, Sam refuses when Optimus tells him to "push the cube into his chest" (which would kill Optimus but save the humans), but ends up pushing the cube into Megatron, thus killing the key villain and saving the world. (Sorry if I gave away the ending...I don't think this movie would be watched by most people that would read this!) The key at the end is the mutual respect that each species gives to the other--they really value each other, despite how very different they are. If only we could always do the same! :)


Catherine said...

Don't worry, I've already seen it. :)

Resilient Hawk said...

Well, I know how the Bible ends too, and that didn't ruin it for me. I might survive this time as well.

I haven't seen "The Transformers" yet, but heard it was surprisingly good.