Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Rwanda photos

I thought you might enjoy a few more pictures from our trip to Rwanda. If you got our updates, you might have seen a few of these already.

The one below is Bob preaching at Agape Church, with Anastase interpreting. We really enjoyed re-connecting with the churches we had been a part of in Rwanda!

The next one is of Japhet's family, one of Bob's colleagues at AEE. We got to visit many of our friends, and it was especially fun when we got to be in their homes and see their families.
For New Year's eve we were with Kristi's adopted family in Rwanda, and she received a goat as a gift! Here's a picture of the goat, after he was successfully caught after a grand chase:
And one more...we went to a Catholic retreat center for 3 days to get some time to process, pray, and rest, and here is a picture of us standing by Lake Kivu:
That's it for now! For a whole week after we got back we were waking up at 3 or 4am, but I think we have finally adjusted to the time. Now back to the grindstone! :)


Catherine said...

I've been back from Africa for almost four years, and I STILL am frequently woken at 3 or 4am. Possibly different causation though... :)

me said...

Oh man! The comment I alluded to leaving that I was just coming to leave...now is unnecessary.

I was coming to ask for the goat to make an appearance over here!!! Any more pictures of the rest of that whole story?