Monday, June 18, 2007


When we got engaged, we said that we wanted to be intentional about planning for the marriage, and not just for the wedding. The wedding is a significant ceremony, but if we haven't looked farther than that day, we're in real trouble. We are trying to balance both, and also remember to live life now, in addition to being in a phase where we are consumed with preparing for something.

Our friend Augustine, a pastor from Rwanda studying at Fuller, took us to a park last week and imparted marriage advice for a few hours. In the picture below he is giving an object lesson--he dropped a vitamin in a glass of water that fizzes and dissolves like alka-selzer. We watched until it completely dissolved--the two individual entities disappear to form a different third entity.

This week we are in IL, preparing for the wedding. Registering, tux shopping, meeting with the photographer, etc. Here we are in an aisle at Target trying out some chairs:

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Catherine said...

Have fun, KLB!! Its a job, but so exciting!