Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Youth Sunday

There is a designated ‘Youth Sunday’ In the Presbyterian Church in Congo, The youth preach, lead worship, fill as ushers and deacons, and do all of the roles that make the church service happen. It is always a joyful day full of energy as they highlight their work and role in the church. This past Sunday we enjoyed worshipping with the youth of the Kananga 1 congregation. They had decorated the church with paper chains, and most of them were wearing matching ‘uniforms’ just for this special occasion (a significant expense for these families!). They typically spend all night at the church the night before, worshipping and preparing for the service.

The youth had a combined choir this Sunday,
and encouraged everyone with their songs.

One of the youth preaches from Acts 2: 11-12
about the importance of unity in the church.

All of the leaders of the youth ministry at the Kananga 1 congregation are introduced.
The youth ministry is led completely by the youth themselves, although people are
considered ‘youth’ well into their 30’s in Congo. They have an overall president and
‘cabinet’, including leaders in the areas of evangelism, intercession, and
community development projects.

This short video is the offertory song, led by the youth. Everyone gets into it!

After the service, EVERYONE (all 300+people) got a meal of bidia, greens, fish, beans, and rice. That was a feat, feeding everyone! They had some help from the ‘mamas’ in cooking all the food.

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