Monday, June 8, 2015

June two

Last Tuesday, June 2nd, marks my 20th anniversary of following Jesus Christ as Lord of my life.  One might call it a “spiritual birthday.”  On that special and memorable day I met a man named Stan Wagner at the former Crossroads Mall in Boulder, CO.  One might call Stan a “street evangelist.”  Despite that unappealing label, Stan’s kind demeanor and earnest appeal gained my attention.  After spending the afternoon with Stan, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ.  Below you will find a poem written to honor Stan, to thank God, and to remember that special day.  Here also is a link that briefly tells my story of coming to faith in Jesus.   

June two
I love you
Twenty years now
Still remember how…

Stan came
News to tell
I stood.

Sower of seeds
His story
What to make
An allegory.

Twenty years now
Making some sense
Good Farmer sows
Soils no fence.

Life not lived
Me number one
A gift shared
With everyone.

Stan and You
Oh Good Farmer
Waiting for me
Sad no longer.

June two
Blessed be you
To You I turned
Thank you, thank You!

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