Friday, November 22, 2013

Storm Warning

**This poem chronicles our experience in central Illinois on Sunday, November 17th, when tornadoes and massive winds and rain swept violently across the land.  Thirty five miles from Bloomington (Kristi’s home town, where we are) the town of Washington had entire sub-divisions of homes totally destroyed. 

Hues orange brown tumbling dancing
Circling winds whine, life invisible,
Seemingly Sunday morning Normal.

Pastor preaches, interrupted he –
Storm warning hesitation, caution.
Shepherd shifts, intones, implores -
Go down! Children will find, worry not find.

A hull full hunkering, congregants congregate
Chattering, listening, waiting, wondering -
Man in hand, holds white mound melting,
“Golf ball” hunk a’ hail, heaven’s missile morning -
Wonder hovering waiting shifting…chattering.

Released congregants out-of-doors fly -
Dark reality greeted, water winds “Wow!”
How…wow…how? Radio, storm warning
Bleating – song, warning, song, warning.

Power torn tower, flung here tree there
Wondering wanderers, “Just…happened…what?”
Please stay home - Storm Warning.

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