Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First time for everything

We are nearly finished with our “tour” of the Southeast in the U.S. It has been a wonderful experience! We have been inspired by the wonderful people we have met, and encouraged by our visits to churches. This is our first visit through the South, and many people have lived up to the reputation of “Southern hospitality” and have introduced us to some new things. Here are a few of the memorable ones:

1. Our first time to walk on the Appalachian Trail (we haven’t walked far yet, but it was a fun taste!)

2. Our first time to eat at Chick-Fil-A. And they even “blessed our meal” (gave it to us free!!) Yum!


3. Our first time to eat the Southern classics: grits, “shrimp and grits”, fried green tomatoes, cheese straws (home-made by Leland!), biscuits and gravy, and lots of sweet tea.

4. Kristi’s first time (I think) to do the children’s sermon at church (and everyone appreciated one boy who commented that I “looked like a disciple” in my Congolese dress)

Kristi - children's sermon

5. Bob’s first time preaching in English in more than 3 years!

Bob - preaching at South Highland

6. First time traveling with a GPS. We had a few frustrating moments in the learning curve, but overall “Mrs. Garmin” is incredibly helpful and handy!

7. Our first time to be on TV! We had a short interview on the morning show of the local Fox station in Albany, GA. (Thanks, Leslie for that opportunity!)

8. A fun first time to Turner Field to see an Atlanta Braves game (and to see the Tomahawk chop!)

Bob - Braves game

9. A visit to historic Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC (where we also learned about the ubiquitous and fascinating natural trio: live oaks, Spanish moss, and resurrection fern. Thanks to the Scaleras for that introduction!)

10. First visit to the Civil Rights Institute of Birmingham. We learned a lot and highly recommend it!Thanks, Cody for hosting that visit!

11. First time to see a wild alligator, wild turkeys, and a rat snake.

Alligator croppedalligator at the Mepkin Abbey near the Cooper River in SC

Wild turkeys wandered onto the highway in Georgia

12. Last, but perhaps the most significant…this is our first “interpretation assignment”. While speaking about mission work is not new to us, traveling to visit churches is, and sometimes we begin to feel like a “traveling road show” with all the luggage and stuff that we bring and our tight schedule. We are grateful for the wonderful people who have hosted us for the night or a meal, and have made this a wonderful experience.

Birmingham - presenting to youth

Packing the car


Todd and Michelle Olson said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with your Interpretive Assignment. It appears you have had some great opportunities to minister and be ministered to. Loved your reflections on the wonderful sights and tastes of the south. Looking forward to your trip our West.

Jim B said...

PTL that all the logistics worked out. As we look forward to Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Spirit was clearly with you on this trip.