Saturday, March 16, 2013

Worship in the village

This week we were invited by our friend Emmanuel to visit his church in the village of Nkonko. He rode his bike into town early to meet us and show us the way. After push-starting the Land Cruiser, we loaded his bike into the back and drove the 10km outside of town to Nkonko. They have a small mud-brick and thatch-roof building. From the outside, it looks like it will be dark and cramped inside.

Nkonko church - outside

However, thanks to some holes in the thatch, the sun came in and it was bright and pleasant inside. One of the walls was not complete, which let the breeze come through and made it feel open airy. The light was much better than we often find in churches, which made it a much better environment for getting some pictures. Here are a few of the pictures that summarize the day:

Nkonko church - warming drumwarming the drum to make the sound more resonant

Nkonko church - Bitshilolo

Nkonko church - drum set

Bitshilolo – spunky little girl!                                    Their drum set. Creative and effective!

Nkonko church - Congregation
The congregation. The front of the church is open, which keeps the church light and cool.

Nkonko church - boy on drum   Nkonko church - choir 2
       trying out the big drum                        the band – a home-made drum set and guitar!

Nkonko church - drummingThe music team. Sweat was dripping from Moise’ face (right) as he played the
drum with energy and passion. Then he also got to preach the sermon!

We were treated to a delicious lunch after the service, along with the 2 visiting choirs. Of course there was a request to help with the new building that they are collecting funds for. But we were encouraged and impressed with what they have done with the little they have. Truly, it felt like the Holy Spirit is at work in this little village church!

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