Thursday, September 6, 2012

Memories of Lusuku

We’re home in Kananga! We had an enjoyable and safe trip to Lusuku and Kaniema. There were some delays for car repairs and the anticipated schedule had to be changed significantly, but we look back and are grateful for God’s protection and the way things worked out.

I want to share a few of the memories from our overnight stop in Lusuku that stood out to me.

1. The warm reception in the dark, with singing, dancing, and lots of food.

Reception at Lusuku

2. Seeing the eager crowd at the back of the Land Cruiser buying books from Pastor Mukenge. One woman was very eager to get a book on women’s ministry in the church, so searched around asking all her neighbors and friends for someone to loan her 500 Francs (50 cents) so that she could buy the book.


3. Sleeping in Pastor Mulaji’s bedroom, and hearing a rustling in the night. Was it a mouse? It sounded close! In the morning, I heard it again, and searched with my flashlight until I discovered a duck hidden in the corner behind some bricks, laying on eggs in her nest!

4. Seeing all of the seven (!) CPC schools in Lusuku. I talked to one of the directors, and learned that some of the students in primary school are forced to drop out because of the cost of buying uniforms and paying the 450 Francs per month (about 50 cents) of school fees.

Lusuku - kids and school

Lusuku 1 schools

5. Hearing Mukulu (Elder) Kamadilu Pierre describe his long bike rides (400+km one way!) to church conferences. He says “ekelezia, mbujitu buanyi” (The church is my responsibility).

Lusuku - Mukulu Kamadilu Pierre sm

6. Being impressed with the thick walls on the new church building and their plan for purchasing roof sheeting by selling the bricks they make.

Lusuku - new church building

We arrived late in the evening in Lusuku and left in the morning, but it was a refreshing and encouraging stop. We are grateful for their warm hospitality and their motivation and faith in seeing God at work.

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Jim B said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear the absence of "stuck" stories for the Land Cruiser. It is a fine machine that may be ready to rest,..