Sunday, August 12, 2012

‘Tis the season for big meetings…

This is a ‘General Assembly Year’ for the CPC in Congo. The General Assembly is usually held at the beginning of August. Since so many leaders and church representatives have to make the arduous trip to Kananga from all corners of Kasai, it is an opportune time for other meetings, seminars, etc. to be held. So, the last few weeks we have participated in or helped to organize several of these gatherings. I thought we could give you a brief photo tour of the gatherings that have happened…

Women's conference

A women’s conference for the Synod that Kananga is located in.
We went to share a greeting and show our support.

B&K sharing at GA

Then, there was General Assembly (GA). We only attended the first day of the 3-day meeting, but were encouraged that this time we knew several of the leaders who were coming from other regions!


Then, a few days after GA, the Evangelism Department organized a board meeting for the 3 rural Pastoral Institutes. Each of the 12 synod leaders are included in the board meeting, so it was an opportune time for this meeting while all of them were in town. We helped with the logistics of this 2-day meeting, so we were exhausted by the end of it. But, it was a productive time and we are excited about the progress made toward equipping these schools.

…and now we are on to the final seminar of the season: A seminar for the directors of Christian Education of each Synod, with the intention of preparing them to hold regional youth conferences next year. This seminar is at Lake Munkamba, and Bob leaves early Monday morning with a car packed full of people for the 4-hour arduous drive through the sand. Please pray for protection, inspiration, and God’s presence to be evident to all!

Road to Munkamba sm

Our friend Rachael poses on the road to Munkamba in its current state

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