Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding refreshment

We recently returned from a short trip to Kenya. The primary reason for visiting Kenya was to attend a wonderfully stimulating conference on Manuscript Bible Study—but I will let Bob describe more about that in our next newsletter! Since we were “in the neighborhood”, we decided to visit our friends and fellow missionaries, the Klingforths, in Nakuru.

Travis and Lydia thoroughly blessed us with their hospitality, indulging us in some of the “luxuries” that we don’t have in Congo. We had a memorable adventure with them at the Thompson falls, where it started raining when we had reached the bottom of the falls, so we had a muddy trek back to the top.



We were given the privilege of watching their two boys Sunday afternoon, so we got to do some rare activities for us, like reading kids’ books, building with Legos, and playing catch with the dogs.

Bob reading with Meshach and Silas

We enjoyed several long conversations about life and relationships in Africa. It was so helpful to share and learn from peers in a similar context, who understand the challenges of poverty that the people around us struggle with. Nakuru and Kananga are similar-sized cities, but VERY different in character, primarily because of the lack of infrastructure (electricity, roads, etc.) in Congo. As a special treat, they took us out to a nice restaurant with exotic food (like lasagna, pad-thai, and sushi!). We had cheesecake for dessert—who knew you could find cheesecake in Africa??

P1130467At the restaurant – Bob holding his Cappucino

We got to meet some of their Kenyan colleagues, and visit a home Bible study in a poor neighborhood– a wonderfully encouraging experience! We also had our first ride on the “boda-boda” (bicycle taxis) in Kenya…even in a bit of rain!


Our last evening in Nakuru, Lydia made a “Thanksgiving dinner” – chicken (subbing for turkey) green beans, stuffing, and even pumpkin pie! Our taste buds had been thoroughly satisfied by the time we returned home to Kananga.


After our Thanksgiving dinner, we all watched a fun movie together that had all of us laughing to the point of tears…and we were still recalling scenes from the movie and laughing a few days later. Tuesday morning, we took the bus back to Nairobi to get ready to catch our plane back to Congo. We felt like it had been longer than just 10 days – we had experienced so much and been pampered far beyond what we deserved.


Posing with Kenyans in traditional dress – Bob, Lydia, Silas, Kristi


renee said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time... it is so amazing to see the pictures you post. Anytime you want to babysit you are welcome to. I know Travis would love to have new playmates... HEHE wish you were closer!
Love and hugs

Christen said...

I'm so glad you were able to be pampered a little and spend time with your friends. You definitely deserve the pampering. And I love that you laughed to the point of tears... that's good heart medicine. Praying for you guys!!