Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bon jour!

That’s right—it’s me, Jackoo! And very happy I am to say hi to all my fans again!

I had a fabulous six months in a new place while Bob and Kristi were gone. My new friend, Coltrane, and I had a great time talking and singing together. He lives in a huge house with real wood trees to climb on and a bath. It was so refreshing to have so much wing-room! I heard the place is called “Club Fletcher”; hopefully I can go back for a visit sometime. It was a little awkward at first…I’ve never lived with another bird before in the same cage, and Coltrane can be a little feisty sometimes. But we got used to each other pretty quickly and became great friends.

Jackoo fletcher cageBob and Emmanuel standing in the Fletchers’ outdoor bird house in Tshikaji

Now, I am back in the big city with Bob and Kristi…home sweet home! There are so many sights and sounds from the busy street below the balcony, and I know the school kids missed me calling to them. It feels good to get back into familiar habits—splitting my time between singing on the balcony and enjoying the quiet in the living room. And, of course, I’m glad to see my “peeps” again…they were happy that I haven’t lost my finesse in hopping onto their hand.

One thing I picked up at Club Fletcher that has been useful for amusing Bob and Kristi is my “bon jour” greeting. I heard them say that I sound like a suave Frenchman! I’ll try to show you a little video…it took some work learning to speak and wave at the same time, but I’m quite good at it now. Listen closely for my voice! That’s it for now…I’ve got to get back to doing my part in keeping this neighborhood lively!

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