Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking for answers…

In the past year Bob has been sick several times. His body has valiantly fought through 3 cases of malaria, 1 of typhoid, a bacterial infection, flu, inner ear infection, and several other times when he was very weak and tired but no sickness could be diagnosed. Last week, when he got a serious case of vertigo and tested positive again for malaria, our missionary colleague Dr. John Fletcher recommended that we get further medical tests outside of Congo. Perhaps there is some other sickness or problem in Bob’s body that is making him more susceptible to these other sicknesses? We had not expected this advice, but realized that these repeated periods of sickness are draining us physically and emotionally. Living in Congo is not easy, but when you are not healthy the challenge gets compounded.

Our PC(USA) leadership agreed with Dr. Fletcher’s advice, and urged us not to wait to pursue these exams. So, just one week later, we are in Kinshasa getting ready for a return flight to the US. Bob is still weak from his latest round of being sick, so we are laying low and Bob is taking lots of naps.

We are praying for God’s insight in this process to show us the right course to get healthy again. Our hope is that we will be back in Kananga by mid-October. There are a lot of good things going on in CPC that we would like to get back for, so please pray with us that the medical exams will be successful in making some determinations. We are hopeful also that this trip will be ‘holistically restorative’ and renew our vision and perspective for ministry in Kasai.


Jerry said...

dulayOur prayers are with you. And remember, even God rested once a week so go with the flow :)

Johnson City, TN

Kiki said...

Love you guys!


melissascousin said...

Perhaps your calling is not in
Africa, but America.
Covenant's prayers are with you both.

Johnson City

Jonathan Cameron said...

Bob and Kristi,

Janet and I are praying for you!


Dick and Lou said...

Lou and I understand your situation and concerns. We'll be praying for the proper diagnosis and direction for your future. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and He will direct your path!

steve rice said...

Kristi, i am so sorry to hear that this has been an ongoing struggle. Bob's parents have been SOOOOO concerned. We are looking forward to seeing you back and are planning to come visit next week when you're here.

steve rice said...

yikes. that was poonam. somehow i was logged into steve's account on this thing. steve misses you too. looking forward to you being here.

Sarah Kennedy said...

Oh Bob and Kristi--Chuck and I will be praying! We're so sorry to hear about so many illnesses that have been plaguing Bob. May your time here in the US be restful and healing--both to your bodies and your souls.

Laura said...

Hi Bob and Kristi,
Laura and I will be praying. Let us know where you'll be in the US so we can take time to come and be with you.


Patti Lacy said...

Oh, dear ones, we are praying over these very issues! God, give us the peace that passeth all understanding as we wait for His movement.

Blessings and love,
Alan & Patti

calli said...

We are praying, too.