Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waking up the market

Jackoo headshot

It’s me, Jackoo! My people finally let me blog again! I want to tell you what a star I’ve become on our street. Every morning, I get to wake up the neighborhood and see to it that the street-side market on Lake Fwa street comes to life. It’s a tough job sometimes, but I make the best of it. I’ll tell you how the schedule goes: At about 6:30 every morning, I wake up with the sun and Kristi moves me to my balcony perch while Bob starts the fire. I relieve myself (I try to be very consistent, only relieving myself in the outdoor cage…), scrounge for some food, and find a good perch.

market 6 15AMThe street-side market on Lake Fwa street at 6:15AM 

I start my wake-up calls, softly at first to ease people into the day. I get excited when the sparrows and little birds in the tree near me come scrounging for scraps under my cage. They can pick up and fly—something I have always wanted to do, but never got to learn. I do my best to imagine though, squatting low, lifting my wings, and making a trilling whistle like a plane taking off. Maybe someday. The first to arrive in the market are Tatu Martin and a newcomer who makes fresh donut-holes and coffee every morning – a big hit on the street!

market - 6 30AM

6:30AM – Tatu Martin (right) is setting up
and the donut-maker has started her fire

Then, my favorite part – foot traffic picks up on the street, while big people head to work and students go to school. Some of the kids know me now, and call greetings to me as they pass. I love it when they call my name, and whistle so that I can imitate them. I try to make sure that everyone knows that I’m here, and help the market-sellers be AWAKE.


market 7AM 2

7:00AM – a few people have stopped for donuts and coffee (left) 

One of the other early-birds is Elizabeth, who sells peanuts and cassava, and also has a good clientele for coffee in the morning (even Bob sometimes!). She sweeps the sand around her stall, and makes a few trips across the street with her stuff that is stored in our building at night. By 7:30 AM there are lots of people and voices in the street, and I have to be extra loud to keep up.

market 730AM

7:30AM – the street starts to get lively!

It is not too long before the shoe-repair guy who sits by the tree arrives, and the restauranteers set up their huts and start preparing beans and rice. Rush hour ends though, and the street is a bit quieter, so I take a little break to play. I know the market sellers value my whistles and calls, but everyone needs a break!

Market 9AM 9AM – all the regulars have arrived by now. One of the
restaurants is on the right, with a white sheet in the doorway.

I do my best to savor my “people-time” every morning, because when the sun gets hot, everyone heads for the shade. Tatu Martin puts up a screen on his stall, Elizabeth hangs up a sheet, and by noon, even I have had enough. It’s time to head inside for my afternoon nap! BOB!! Did you hear me??

market 11AM 11AM – Start looking for shade!


Kiki said...

Can't wait for part two of Jackoo's day :-)

Love you guys!

Legacy Mission Village said...

Bob and Kristi, you are a really blogger. Sounds like your neigborhood is great near Lake Fwa.