Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toyota Land Cruiser (a poem)

Yesterday we returned from Lake Munkamba, 90k from where we live in Kananga.  Below is a poem eulogizing the amazing feats of the Toyota Land Cruiser, amidst the renowned and tumultuous roads of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  


Toyota Land Cruiser


Toyota Land Cruiser, the best Japanese built

to weather hills and crevices throughout.

Up and down, down again and up -

surmount we ever, this endless bump?


Toyota Land Cruiser, nimble powerful quick -

“Punch it baby, through this endless thick!”

Like a ballerina we glide slide and pirouette

keeping form, as out-a-that hole we get.


Toyota Land Cruiser, if ever a vehicle was made -

rock stone and stubble, we miraculously evade.

Red thick clay we find, archenemy no doubt…

but I tell you comrade, we will certainly pull out.


Toyota Land Cruiser, queen of Africa’s dirt -

sway we may, out-a-control we furtively spurt.

Hang on, endless wheels roar round,

not so bad, this dang car can pound!


Toyota Land Cruiser, Six Flags may not be

but I tell you, such fun here is almost free!

Our experience is only one, so wait again for more,

Of endless tirades chant we, regarding Congo’s floor.   


a poetic description, by Bob Rice



bad roads


Kiki said...

SO funny! Totally brings back my 3 hr drive to the village in Tanzania in a Land Cruiser! Basically most every trip out there had some sort of accident because of the treacherous roads...yet our Land Cruiser was like the little engine that could and got us there in one piece that day!

Love your blog entries...and you guys!

Jim B said...

Wonderful poem. We were in FL riding in a friends 2007 Lincoln...different ends of the spectrum! I still remember our first drive with Bob in Rwanda to Lake Kivu... also a fine time.

Resilient Hawk said...

Roses are red.
My Corolla is not.
Your poem is cool,
and your Cruiser is hot.


Nicely done, Bob! How often can a guy toss in 'pirouette' in refereence to his vehicle?

Tony T

Lisa said...

Haha! I love it!

SJM said...

You guys are too funny! Hopefully you avoided banging your heads on the roof, something that I used to dread when riding on Congo roads...

Regina said...

Bob and Kristi - Just wanted to say it was great to meet both of you recently on our visit to Kananga and Tshikaji. Both of you have a great spirit of learning and experiencing God's leading and you both will be in my prayers. And I can definitely identify with the Toyota Land Cruiser experience :-0

Today I will blogpost my Congo experiences at if you would like to follow. Please keep in touch and live as Easter people!

Byron Wade
Vice-Moderator of the 218th (2008) General Assembly of the PCUSA