Tuesday, July 7, 2009


For about 2 years, Bob and I have walked by a restaurant in Pasadena called Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. It has a reputation as a high-class steakhouse, out of our range, so we would walk by and say “We should go there someday; maybe for graduation.” Well…graduation finally came, and this week, the day before Bob left for his trip to Rwanda, we decided the time had come to take the plunge and go celebrate with a nice meal.

I must admit I felt a bit out of place in a restaurant where many of the other patrons seemed like they ate there all the time. I deliberated for a long time about whether to get steak, and Bob finally helped convince me to go for it—that is their specialty, after all. The distinction of this restaurant seems to be that the plates arrive at the table at 500 degrees, so the food is still sizzling. We were not disappointed—the steaks and the veggies were all excellent, and it really felt like we were celebrating. They even had a ‘congratulations’ card at the table for Bob, and gave him his choice of dessert for the occasion. A great farewell for Bob also, since he won’t get a steak like that in Rwanda! :)

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