Saturday, January 10, 2009

Joshua Tree National Park

When people come to visit we try to take the opportunity to do something 'touristy' and see the attractions that we often don't find time to visit without other people around. So, last weekend while my parents were in town, we took one day to check out Joshua Tree National Park. It was beautiful, so I'll share a few pictures and things we learned.
Mom and Dad by a Joshua tree. Joshua trees
somewhere between a tree and a cactus.
The rock formations are really amazing. I thought it
looked like God was playing Jenga with the rocks. :)
I thought this cactus almost looked like a
'hidden mickey'. What do you think, Lisa? :)
Us, climbing a tree.
We did a couple of the nature walks, exploring the unique beauty of the high desert. We learned that the desert is a fragile ecosystem, despite how hostile it may seem. It was amazing how resourceful some of the plants and animals are! For example, the Joshua trees spread their roots very wide to collect water, which naturally spaces the trees a good distance apart. A desert mouse can naturally survive on very little water with some ingenious adaptations. Creation is amazing!!

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