Sunday, June 1, 2008

We ran a 5K!

The last few weeks we have had the rare pleasure of experiencing a diverse range of forms of entertainment. I'll start with today's big accomplishment--Bob and I ran our first 5K! A first for both of us, and the fulfillment of a goal that we've had for nearly a year. Here's a picture from after the race:
There were over 100 runners and it was an interesting cross-country course that looks and feels like a course for dirt-bikes. We did better than I expected with a time of about 27:30, including some steep hills that we weren't used to. The run was a fundraiser for Project Cuddle, an organization that rescues abandoned babies, and we were very impressed with the amount of community support they have!

Our adventure last weekend was our first Dodger game of the season. We enjoyed the game until it started pouring in the bottom of the 9th inning and they stopped the game. We went home and were sitting in our living room with hot chocolate at 11:30 pm when they resumed the game.

And, to finish off our spectrum of activities, 2 weeks ago we got to go see the California Philharmonic Symphony! I don't think I've heard a symphony orchestra live since before I went to Rwanda 5 years ago, and thought the music was absolutely amazing. They played Holst's "The Planets", and since JPL is in Pasadena, we were also treated to some amazing photos of the planets while we listened! :) Here's a photo from the lobby:


Resilient Hawk said...

Look out Beijing!

27:30! 8:52/mile. Excellent job. So much faster than those days running in circles at the Wheaton Rec Center.

But watch out. These babies are addictive. Just like Jay's Potato Chips: you can't eat just one.

Jim B said...

Great Run.. to finish is to win!

Good Pics of the trees....

Do you remember the symphony from South Dakota???