Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is our last week in Pasadena, before we begin the grand transition. We are in the throes of moving--packing, sorting, purging! By Friday, all the furniture will be gone except the kitchen table and the bed (which we insisted on keeping until the final day). The rest is going into boxes and being shipped to IL while we visit family in Northern California.
Bob, sorting through files in the 'renovated' living room

So...if you haven't heard about our big transition, and want to know details, please let us know. The essence is that we will be moving to the DRC (Congo) in February to work with the Presbyterian Church of Congo. We will be based in Kananga, a city in the south/central region. In a nutshell, Bob will be working in Christian Education and Evangelism, and Kristi with some of the community development projects.

For the next few months, (Nov.-Dec) we will be visiting family and hopefully finalizing the ordination process for Bob. Then, off to orientation in January, and moving to Congo sometime in February!

I won't give more details here...please ask if you want to know more. We welcome your prayers for this big transition. We have never been to this particular region, so there are still a lot of 'unknowns' about life there, but we are excited to see how God will lead!

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Jim B said...

Looking forward to the POD coming to IL... I am sure it will have a fun trip through all the weather in USA...