Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Cent-a-mile, Silver Bullet!

Yesterday was an important milestone. Our faithful car, which Bob bought new nearly 11 years ago, just crossed 100,000 miles! Bob started calling the car 'Silver Bullet' soon after he got it, and the name stuck. It has been a very reliable car that has not cost too much in repairs, and we are very grateful for its faithful service.
The odometer proves it! One mile over!

Of course, with age come a few kinks and quirks. One of the windows no longer rolls down, the volume on the stereo is quirky, and the engine light is usually on. Probably the thing that takes the most manual adjustment is that the electric locks don't usually work--so you have to manually lock and unlock all the doors. But, Silver Bullet runs great and all the 'important parts' of the car still work, so we make do on the minor quirks. Interestingly, the only time the electric locks work reliably is on Sunday--after church, not before. We think it is just part of the way that Silver Bullet fits into the family. :)

Hiking with Silver Bullet near Big Sur

I wasn't sure what to call this milestone--it is not a 'birthday', exactly. Since centennial is for 100 years, I thought maybe cent-a-mile would work. So, here's to many more, Silver Bullet!

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Jim B said...

The best part of car comes out at 100K miles. You will see a pet like affection grow now.. Selling it will be very difficult- but someday you may see it again ... Maybe in Africa!