Saturday, April 11, 2009

Visiting friends I've been negligent of the blog again. Very sorry! In March we got to see lots of people through some random traveling, but that left little time for blogging. First, Todd and Michelle visited from OR....We realized we had not seen them both since our wedding! We went to the arboretum early in the morning with them, and were disappointed that the waterfall did not have any water flowing in it. We milled around, wondering if there was a problem they were repairing or if they really 'turned off' the waterfall every night. Then, before our very eyes, the water burst forth and the waterfall was running again. Perhaps it was a bit like water coming out of the rock when Moses struck it. :)
At the end of March we spent the week up north, visiting Bob's family. We got to meet our new "cousin, once removed" (I think that's the official relation?), Brianna. Bob and Brianna look like they are getting used to each other.
I (Kristi) was very excited to visit Filoli, a place I think I have heard about since the first time I met Bob's family. All the flowering trees and the tulips were in bloom, which was especially beautiful. The picture below is of a spot called "The wedding spot"--the trees here were incredible...I've never seen anything like it!
We really treasure our visits with these friends that we don't see very often...which will become even more rare and treasured if we are not in the US next year! Back down in SoCal, we got to visit some more friends when Lisa threw a party to get a few of her far-flung friends together. Lisa prepared an incredible meal, with TWO picture-worthy desserts, so we were happy and stuffed when we rolled out at the end of the night!
Now, after all of this partying and visiting, we're back home, trying to catch up and make big decisions about our future. And trying to do the mundane but essential things, like working, studying, and paying our taxes. :)

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